1. Non-Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

As a Designer at Bould Design, you'll be working with some of the top companies in their product categories, or startups who are working on disruptive innovations that will change the market. Confidentiality and discretion will be very important to our clients, and as such it's very important to us. The guidelines written here will help you keep sensitive information under wraps, and help us maintain our reputation of being a discrete partner while working in highly competitive environments.

1.1 Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality

  • On your first day, you will be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, which will stipulate that you do not reveal any confidential information to anyone outside the studio.

  • Everything done, seen, shown, and discussed in the studio is considered confidential and you will be expected to keep it so.

  • Each project will have a code name. When discussing work outside the office, always refer to projects as their code names and do not mention the client by name.

  • Silicon Valley is a small community, and even someone at a table over in a restaurant could be working for one of our client's competitors, so be careful when discussing work outside of the studio.

  • Please be sensitive to the confidentiality of ongoing projects at Bould Design even when you leave the studio.

1.2 Conflicts of Interest

  • We aim to provide you with plenty of challenging and stimulating projects to work on that provide creative fulfillment and growth.

  • California labor laws protect your right to engage in other projects during non-working hours and away from work premises.

  • However, we will act to protect the studio and our client's interests should a conflict of interest arise, or if your performance at the studio suffers because of outside work.

  • A conflict of interest would result from a designer engaging in a project, paid, speculative or otherwise, outside the studio that might reasonably fall within our normal project categories, pre-existing or by extension. 

  • If you have any uncertainty regarding conflicts of interest or engaging in outside projects, please ask Fred or Anson

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